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Strategy and Concept

In media projects, strategy and concept work flow seamlessly into each other and can take on many forms. They range from small, practical things like establishing rules and wordings, all the way to developing the visual equivalent of a business plan with new revenue enablers. Sometimes a concept will show the broad strokes of a new idea, sometimes it will come in the shape of a real interface design, where the execution is the idea. Sometimes a strategy also first needs an explanation of the changed mindset of a new generation of buyers, sometimes there is a little tweak, an optimisation of an existing e-commerce routine that makes a huge difference in sales figures. And of course there are the complete, full-fledged new app ideas.

The examples shown here are

  • a proposed project terminology, so client and agency know what the other means
  • a direct comparison of an existing and a proposed strategy
  • an overview of the selectable purchase parameters of a digital product
  • ideas for functions or new apps that create untaped revenue sources
  • an explanation of changed market mindsets since the last brand update
  • a strategy phase model with demonstration of the onscreen changes
  • optimisations of work and e-commerce processes
  • an overview of the phases of a complicated, longterm project
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